“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

Heaven on Earth is the interactive field guide to creating one’s future. If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions below, Heaven on Earth is for you.

Are you ready to unplug from the matrix and create life on your terms?
Do you feel it is time to claim your true power and be bold like never before?
Is it time to create from your heart and call in the life of your dreams?
Is your desire to live Heaven, Here & Now?

Heaven on Earth provides a blueprint designed so that you can systematically make leaps forward in life. It creates a container for becoming crystal clear on your vision of your ultimate reality and leverages the laws of the universe to bring it to you.


What is Heaven on Earth?

When we look out to the night sky at the billions of stars that exist, we are told that is Heaven. Now, imagine for a moment your were on a planet navigating one of those stars… wouldn’t you be in the heavens? So why is it that here on Earth, which is navigating a star in the heavens, we are told that we are not in Heaven? Even our own star and moon are flying around in the heavens! Yet, for some reason, it is only when we look outwards that we see heaven. Many of us were taught that Heaven is outside of Earth, outside of ourselves. In fact, there is a popular belief that we must wait until we die to experience heaven.

The idea that we must sacrifice our whole life, waiting to die to experience Heaven is an illusion presented by identities that would like to hold power over us.

So how does one experience Heaven here on Earth?

The journey starts by redirecting attention from everything that is outside of oneself to what lies within. Our programs are designed to help one tap into their own inner knowingness, their intuition, their connection to their vital life force. The more we connect to this force the more courageous and loving we become.  Our true self is revealed and gone are the days dominated by anxiety and worry. Life becomes the stage and we each choose our own roles consciously, creatively and abundantly.

For some of us it is about being of service, family, community, industriousness, art or a combination of these and other things. The beauty is that our journey along this experience is largely influenced based on our engagement. Heaven on Earth helps one to get a clear picture and use The Word in specific ways that draw one closer to their hearts intentions.


10 Principles that Brought me MILLIONS

(It can work for you too)


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Probably the most value filled book I’ve read so far

I’ve been struggling for the past few years just trying to get things going. After reading this I’ve come to the conclusion that the path I chose had startup costs that were just too high. It’s not often that a book has such straightforward information in it. Every page had something useful on it and it wasn’t just a jumble of fluff and hints. I sure hope Iain comes out with a few more books as time goes on. This one is pretty AMAZING!

– Ben

short and easy to remember

The first book that is fast to read, concise, to the point, short and easy to remember. I can see this being useful from teenagers that need to create a goal and not be all over the place to entrepreneurs struggling. True that poverty is a choice with today’s resources. Thank you for sharing this.

– Ana


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